On behalf of Girard Bengali, APC posted on Friday, March 29, 2019.

Many people in the Los Angeles area have some extra money to invest. For example, Californians often are looking to invest money so that they can further shore up their retirement savings or work on building a legacy for their loved ones.

In order to find good investments, many people will turn to brokerage firms. The brokers and financial planners who work for these firms are supposed to give investors solid advice as to which investments their investors should devote their hard-earned money. This is a real matter of trust, as a bad call about an investment can wind up costing an investor thousands of dollars.

While sometimes an investment just fares poorly despite everyone’s best efforts, on other occasions, a person can rightly blame his or her brokerage firm for the loss. In some cases, for instance, a firm or an employee of that firm may make an investment recommendation that is pretty clearly not suitable for its client.

In other cases, while an investment may have looked good on paper, the firm may have not done enough research in to the investment to really know how well it will perform on the market.

In still other cases, the brokerage firm may have violated one or more of the numerous rules that cover the security industry.

Our law office has experience representing investors when a brokerage firm has acted carelessly, or even intentionally, and has thereby cost the clients who trusted them money. We work hard to investigate our clients’ matters thoroughly and work hard to advocate for our clients’ interests when the time comes to do so. We have successfully recovered millions on behalf of investors who lost money at the hands of negligent brokers.

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