Girard Bengali are in business for 5 years.
May 18, 2021

May 3, 2021 – Los Angeles, California

This month, Girard Bengali, APC proudly celebrates its 5th Anniversary. From our Los Angeles headquarters established in 2016, we have had the distinct honor of serving clients throughout the state of California and across the nation – handling all aspects of securities and employment litigation, including FINRA arbitrations. This remarkable milestone would not have been possible without the trust, support and loyalty of our clients, friends and colleagues.

Our success over the past five years is attributed to providing the highest quality legal services and obtaining the best possible results for our clients. We take great pride in our unmatched ability to aggressively represent clients in complex legal disputes.

From the moment we opened our doors for business, our vision for the future was and remains, to zealously represent clients facing significant challenges in FINRA arbitration, securities litigation and employment law disputes. Applying skill, creativity, diligence and rigorous legal analysis– we set out to provide more specialized and personalized  service to our clients. Our focus on representing individuals who have been victimized in the securities and employment area gives us an advantage over law offices the offer more generalized legal services. We have honed a high degree of knowledge and experience in these fields—and a reputation for standing up to Wall Street and major corporations, ensuring that our clients obtain the financial compensation they are entitled to under the law.

In each case, our overarching goal is to help our clients get full compensation for the harm they have suffered. Our team comes with decades of experience and our collective drive has been set to a particular motto: Work tirelessly for our clients; celebrate each victory but don’t rest on laurels; be confident while remaining humble; embrace unexpected challenges and ensure that we obtain justice for our clients above all else.  

To date, this standard has produced the following results:

Since the inception of Girard Bengali APC in 2016, our offices have secured more than $20,000,000 in settlements and awards for our clients. While this is part of our impressive track record, it is only a piece of who we are.

“Girard Bengali is absolutely a First Class Super-Star Law Firm specializing in Securities and Labor disputes. Bob Girard with a friendly, targeted, precision approach as to problem-solving has a unique skill set to gather all the facts and put the Defense on the defensive. Bob does display Charismatic Confidence with persistent determination to arrive at a favorable outcome for his clients. I can honestly say that He and his Team exceeded my expectations and then some.”


Looking back, it’s not just the pursuit of excellence that has brought success, but also embracing the evolution of the firm over time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five key lessons learned thus far:

Intelligent Growth

Founding partners, Robert Girard and Omar Bengali, established the firm with a goal of moving away from the bureaucratic management style of large law firms and instead, to focus on embracing technology, remaining agile and honoring an overwhelming desire to seek justice first, for then success will follow. Really assisting our clients in a meaningful way meant taking a more holistic approach to client relations as well as being intentional with new hires.

Following this strategy, we’ve added two additional attorneys to the firm, Ashley Hunt and Steven Buha, who have brought their energy and dedication to excellence to the team, adding expertise and passionate representation of clients. Moreover, they’ve played increasingly instrumental roles in some of the most complex and successful cases on behalf of our firm and clients.

Expanded Coverage (Physical and Virtual)

While our firm has always worked with and represented clients across the country, we’ve expanded our Los Angeles financial district office location to offices including San Francisco and Newport Beach. Additionally, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic which shook the court systems to the core, Girard Bengali had already adopted remote work solutions for the team and our clients.

This foresight has allowed us to quickly, effectively and seamlessly work with clients during an incredibly stressful and uncertain time and positioned our firm to readily join FINRA arbitrations via remote conference system, hosting Zoom mediations and trials.

It was important, and remains so, that our clients have full confidence in our ability to proactively deliver effective solutions that generate exceptional results.

“Girard Bengali, APC, exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased my attorney, Omar Bengali, could not only bring a successful conclusion to my case but exceeded it by getting more money than I expected. Omar was very attentive and responsive to all my questions and concerns and kept me updated every step of the way. I am very grateful for his transparency with me and the tenacity he had to fight for the very best outcome. I would recommend Omar and his firm in a heartbeat to anyone seeking legal representation because I know they have the best interests of their clients.”


Peer Recognition

Whether it’s positive client and colleague reviews on Avvo or selections to prestigious industry publications – much like the rigorous selection process by Thomson Reuters’ Rising Stars and Super Lawyers lists – or referrals from respected attorneys, the team at Girard Bengali has continued to excel, receiving recognition and commendations.

Mr. Girard has been named to the Super Lawyer’s list annually since 2015. This achievement highlights his experience and knowledge, dedication to his field and ongoing drive to assist his clients.

For the past five years, Mr. Bengali has been selected to the Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers, a designation earned by less than 2.5 percent of attorneys under 40. 

Industry Expertise

Directly as a result of his ground breaking achievements representing clients in the securities and employment arenas, Mr. Girard was proud to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Public Investors Advocate Bar Association (PIABA).

PIABA is dedicated to protecting public investors from securities fraud and misrepresentations, and Mr. Girard has proven his ability to do just that.

“Bob is very hard-working, honest and an aggressive attorney that fights for his clients with successful results. He is very straight forward and sets his clients expectations upfront. His strategy, negotiation skills and execution on my case resulted in great success. He is very responsive, a true professional and very experienced with handling securities litigation. I highly recommend Bob.”


Developing Related Practices

The firm has historically focused on securities litigation and employment law disputes. Those areas remain core to the firm with the common thread between them being advocate for the rights of those who have been unfairly taken advantage.

Mr. Girard and Mr. Bengali have dedicated their professional careers to fighting the big guys, the Goliaths, who take advantage of others. Their efforts have provided wins even when the odds seemed overwhelming – when they take on a case, they are committed to going the distance and they will spare no expense in ensuring that the playing field is leveled for their clients no matter who is on the other side of the table.

The Next Five Years

Girard Bengali is just getting started. Our current successes are built upon the continued pursuit of excellence, the development of deeper and more meaningful client relationships and expanding our reach to assist those facing unique and complex legal challenges.

Over the next five years, the firm is dedicated to continuing to fight for victims of securities and investment fraud, ponzi schemes, financial elder abuse, wrongful discharge, unfair business practices, retaliation, discrimination and many other disputes in the securities and employment arenas. . We look forward to continuing this important work and serving anyone who has been defrauded or harmed in the securities field or mistreated by their employer.

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are humbled by the knowledge that our success has been built on personal referrals from our clients. We know that we wouldn’t be celebrating five years in business without our clients — or looking forward to the next five years. If you are one of the hundreds of clients that our law firm has represented, thank you. We appreciate your trust in us and hope that you will continue to share your experience with your friends and family.

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