Broker Misconduct

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Have you lost a significant amount of money in stocks, variable annuities, mutual funds, retirement accounts, or any other investment? If so, you may have been a victim of broker misconduct and not know it.

In today’s uncertain economy, you can’t afford to watch your hard-earned money disappear. When you turn to a professional for recommendations on how to invest your hard-earned money, it is reasonable to assume that you will receive suitable recommendations, reliable information, and honest advice.

Your expectations are not misplaced.

If your broker makes misrepresentations to you when selling investment products or engages in other misconduct that results in you experiencing investment losses, the broker and the brokerage firm they work for could be held responsible for the losses you suffer. This is in large part due to the fact that California investors are afforded a series of protections under Section 25401 of the California Corporations Code and by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Enter Girard Bengali, APC.

Our Law Firm

We are a California securities litigation firm with offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Francisco. Headquartered in California, we represent California residents and those throughout the country who have been wronged by their financial advisors and brokerage firms. Our nationwide team, led by partners Robert Girard and Omar Bengali have successfully represented and securied millions in recovery for numerous investors throughout the country.

As experienced securities litigation and FINRA arbitration attorneys, we use our in-depth knowledge of the law and decades-long, industry leading experience to help victims recover financial losses due to the misconduct of their investment brokers or financial advisors. We approach every case aggressively, passionately, and pragmatically in order to resolve the matter in the best interest of and as quickly as possible for you.

What Is Broker Misconduct?

Broker misconduct occurs when clients are encouraged to sell, purchase, or exchange an investment that is not suitable for them, given their financial situation or needs.

If your broker encourages you to engage in high-risk investment schemes, purchase volatile stocks, or participate in financial arrangements that result in significant losses, they may be guilty of broker misconduct.

The broker or advisor may even have knowingly offered you inaccurate, incomplete, or biased financial advice. Even seasoned investors can be led to believe that their losses are solely due to market downturns, never suspecting that their trusted advisor is really to blame.

How To Recognize Broker Misconduct

Has your broker failed to disclose the risk associated with your investments?

Has your account been over traded or churned based on your broker’s advice?

Does your broker fail to make recommendations tailored to your financial situation?

Brokers have a responsibility to recommend only those investment products and schemes that are suitable for their clients. This means that your broker must perform reasonable due diligence on a particular investment product, fully understand it, and have a reasonable belief that it is suitable for you.

This also means that before your broker can determine that an investment product is suitable for you, they must have in-depth knowledge of your investor characteristics, including your:

  • Age;
  • Investment experience;
  • Risk tolerance;
  • Liquidity needs;
  • Time horizon; and
  • Investment objectives.

These rules apply whether you are a client or potential client, and to any investment or investment-related product. If your broker recommends an investment or investment scheme that is unsuitable for you, you may have a strong misconduct claim against them, as well as the brokerage firm for which they work.

Why Hire a Securities Litigation Attorney?

The brokerage firms and financial institutions that are the targets of broker misconduct claims are often amongst the most highly funded institutions in the world. This means they can afford to hire the biggest and best law firms to defend claims brought against them.

The odds are stacked against you.

To pursue your broker misconduct claim successfully, you don’t just need competent legal counsel. In fact, in order to resolve your case with the best possible outcome, you will also need to be represented by the best and brightest.

You need an attorney like those at our law firm, who have a great deal of experience dealing with the laws that govern broker conduct in California i.e., the California Corporations Code, the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Act of 1933, and FINRA rules and regulations .

Why Hire Us to Represent You?

  • Broker misconduct cases can’t simply be shuffled through the litigation process, especially since today’s investment products are more sophisticated than ever. Our law firm has the time, resources, and talent necessary to devote to each case and succeed.
  • Most of the people that call our law firm for help are people who have worked hard and done their best to amass savings for themselves and their families. It is extremely gratifying for us to be able to help them recover the losses they have suffered, and help them rebuild a better future.
  • We have worked long and hard to develop relationships and rapport with opposing counsels and their clients. This puts us in a position to resolve your case expeditiously and with the best possible outcome for you.
  • Some law firms provide free case reviews, but we take it a step further by providing a full case evaluation. This goes well beyond a 10-minute phone call and allows us to create a clear picture of the wrongdoing you have suffered.

Contact an Experienced California Securities Litigation Attorney

Investment brokers and financial advisors must adhere to strict standards of care when providing recommendations and advice. Unfortunately, many fall short of these standards.

If you are a, investor and suspect broker misconduct is the cause of your financial losses, we may be able to help you recover some or all of your losses. Please call us today 866-778-6821 or schedule a free case evaluation.

At Girard Bengali, APC., we handle broker misconduct cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only get paid if we are successful in recovering money on your behalf.

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