Elder Financial Abuse

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Strong Advocacy To Fight Elder Financial Abuse

With an aging population and increased life expectancy, many seniors continue to rely upon investments in securities and other financial products to provide resources throughout their retirement years and increase family wealth. Unfortunately, unscrupulous financial planners, investment advisers, stockbrokers and insurance agents often prey on the elderly. With roughly one out of every five Americans 65 years and older suffering from financial abuse, the elderly are estimated to lose up to $2.9 billion per year from investment scams. With three California offices, Girard Bengali, APC, is a focused investment fraud and securities litigation firm that takes elder abuse seriously. Seniors are often highly vulnerable to fast-talking financial and investment advisers. We are determined to fight back with strength to obtain legal recovery when misconduct harms seniors in the community.

The Power To Take On Wrongdoers To Achieve Optimal Results

Our firm’s culture is founded on providing aggressive advocacy with character, integrity and respect. We will carefully review and evaluate your brokerage statements, financial background and investment experience to determine whether you have a claim. California law allows seniors who are victims of financial elder abuse to pursue three times their losses as compensation, as well as payment of their attorneys’ fees by the responsible party. If you lost a significant portion of your investment or retirement savings, we are equipped to investigate and prepare a claim aimed at achieving maximum results.

A nonexhaustive list of the common abusive practices of financial professionals that may amount to elder financial abuse includes:

  • The failure to disclose fees and other costs of services
  • Making misrepresentations or omissions about a financial product to get a sale
  • Charging excessive fees
  • Failing to engage in proper due diligence in making investment recommendations
  • Churning investment accounts
  • Making unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Improper training and supervision of registered representatives who interact with senior investors
  • Selling improper variable annuities to seniors
  • Selling disproportional amounts of life insurance products
  • Misuse of powers of attorney to the senior’s financial detriment

Girard Bengali, APC, has successfully recovered millions from major brokerage firms across the country, including for seniors who have been subjected to elder financial abuse. Because of our reputation for excellence and proven track record for success in securities and investment fraud litigation, we often receive referrals from accountants, peers, colleagues and former clients regarding allegations of financial exploitation of seniors.

Turn To Aggressive Integrity-Driven Securities Law Attorneys

To arrange a consultation with an aggressive investments and securities lawyer in one of our three California offices, call 866-778-6821 or send us an email now. We can review your circumstances and explain your options to fight back against elder financial abuse.

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