Employment Law Consultation

Strategic Employment Law Consultation Services in Los Angeles & Nearby

Executives, employees and financial professionals often find favorable opportunities in the employment marketplace. Mobility can be important to increase income and advance a career path. However, many professionals have employment contracts and other obligations that can complicate the transition to better opportunities.

Understanding Your Employment Law Rights and Obligations

Unfortunately, growth opportunities may not be available in one’s current position, and concerns about contractual obligations may give an executive or financial professional concerns about the potential for breach of contract or other aspects of employment law. For that reason, the attorneys at Girard Bengali, APC, offer focused employment law guidance to help California executives, employees and financial professionals understand their rights and obligations when seeking new work opportunities.

We are exceptionally well-versed in employment law matters and contractual relations. Our experienced and strategy-driven lawyers can provide you with sound legal counseling in a wide range of issues, including:

  • Advice concerning restrictive covenants, such as noncompete clauses, non-solicitation agreements and trade secret issues
  • Manage strategic negotiations of employment contracts, bonus agreements and promissory notes
  • Review and negotiate favorable severance packages
  • Review and explain obligations related to employee forgivable loans (EFL), retention agreements and promissory notes
  • Assist with individual and team transitions between employers

We understand the importance of mobility. We take pride in helping executives and other professionals pursue their careers. Our legal practice is founded on the core principles of character, integrity, respect and excellence. A critical step for successful employment transitions is for you to understand your employment law options to make informed decisions.

Free Consultation With Employment Lawyer

To arrange a strategic employment law consultation with a seasoned lawyer in one of our three California offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Francisco, call 866-778-6821 or send us an email now. We can review your circumstances and answer your questions about employment law rights and obligations.