On behalf of Girard Bengali, APC posted on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

Though California residents may consider themselves more liberal and open than their counterparts across the country, the truth is that many of them still face discrimination in the workplace. This takes place when they are treated negatively because of their age, religion, race, gender, disability, skin color or national origin. It is illegal to do so either when hiring someone or while they are currently employed. Additionally, as per federal law, it is even illegal to do so when providing a referral, promotion or in other facets of employment.

Employment discrimination can take many forms, which is why employees may not even be aware of whether it took place or not. Additionally, they may not be aware that they have certain rights in case they are being discriminated against. Suggesting or stating who a preferred candidate is in an advertisement, excluding potential candidates during recruitment and paying equally qualified people different salaries are all discriminatory behaviors, as is denying or disrupting the use of company facilities and denying certain employees benefits or compensation.

Harassment is also a form of discrimination. Harassment includes unwelcome behavior by not only managers or supervisors, but also clients and co-workers. Additionally, harassment does not only have to be of a sexual nature, but could also be based on age, disabilities or nationality.

Everyone deserves to work in a place free of discrimination and harassment, as is their right. When this right is violated, it might be possible to enforce these rights through employment law litigation. An experienced attorney can discuss one’s legal options with them.

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