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Robert and Omar and true professionals that were able to find a solution to my complicated case when others could not. I spent more time in contact with Omar, whom I can truly say that he really cares about his clients and is passionate about his work. He made me feel at ease when at times I was worried. I was explained every step thoroughly and made sure I understood what to expect. Omar and Robert worked very hard on my behalf and was able get a solution that was beneficial to me. They were always straight with me and never sugar coated anything which I appreciated. I can say that I have the upmost confidence in their ability. They’re a great team and you should not think twice about hiring them.

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Robert and Omar are top notch attorneys who are masterful at employment law. They bring an aggressive style rooted in strong integrity, character and mutual respect that creates a winning result! They have a successful track record winning with the Silicon Valley and Hollywood elite! Highly recommend them to be on your side!

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Robert and Omar are amazing lawyers. They are the best lawyers in CA in my opinion. They are very knowledgeable and giving honest advice. They flight really hard for you and you will win.
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Robert Girard is the best. I’ve had several legal matters that he and his firm settled successfully and I could not recommend this firm highly enough!
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Girard/Bengali acted in the most professional way across the board from start to finish in my case. I highly recommend this firm to everyone who seeks transparency, execution and professionalism.
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These guys are fantastic! We trusted them to represent us and they did so with integrity and outperformed our in-house counsel. Thanks for being such a great advocate!
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This firm is top notch! They have masterful expertise in securities and civil litigation. I remain very grateful for their representation and I would recommend them without reservation.
Greg L
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Omar Bengali is excellent!
Girard Bengali, APC is world class! I selected Omar Bengali based on a lot of research for the best employment lawyer I could hire in California to represent me. While I was immediately impressed by Omar, what convinced me to work with him was the recommendation of a top employment lawyer in New York City who indicated that, if he were to recommend one employment lawyer in California it would be Omar Bengali. High praise indeed. Throughout the difficult yet successful process, I was continuously impressed with Omar’s experience, professionalism, clarity/tenacity and responsiveness to any question or comment I had. He made it a point to always be transparent regarding any decision we made, and if he said he was going to do something by a given time he always did it, which is a rare quality indeed! I would highly recommend Omar and his firm. No need to look elsewhere! Greg L.
Katherine C
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Employment Lawyer Recommendation
Girard Bengali, APC exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased my attorney, Omar Bengali, could not only bring a successful conclusion to my case but exceeded it by getting more money than I expected. Omar was very attentive and responsive to all my questions and concerns and kept me updated every step of the way. I am very grateful for his transparency with me and the tenacity he had to fight for the very best outcome. I would recommend Omar and his firm in a heartbeat to anyone seeking legal representation because I know they have the best interests of their clients.
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Experienced, Professional, Outstanding Attorney
Mr. Bengali and his team are professional, thoughtful and experienced. I am very grateful to have him as my attorney. Mr. Bengali has the understanding of the law in working with FINRA. He prepared me well for several depositions, had the knowledge to ask the right questions and communicated throughly on my behalf with FINRA . I could not have received my “close our letter” without his expertise.
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Hired attorney
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Omar is an excellent lawyer in securities and employment law. He helped me to get justice, humanity and dignity out of a very difficult case. On so many levels, he is also my professor of law and reason. I learned that I also have a voice and my rights are equally protected. Thank God he is the lawyer on my side. Otherwise, I would be scared of him instead of loving him today.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney
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We are happy to recommend Mr. Omar Bengali who was hired by my wife to represent her in a wrongful termination lawsuit. From the very beginning, Omar came across as knowledgeable and competent for our case. Omar kept us informed throughout the process and always provided our options and ultimately left decisions to us, as the clients. Needless to say, Omar’s expertise proved to be an asset as he was able to win our case in a fairly short amount of time. We would greatly recommend and use Omar Bengali as our lawyer due to his superb professionalism and ability to fight for his clients.
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I hired Omar to help me negotiate a separation agreement. What made my experience with Omar so great is that he listened to my concerns and priorities; he was a pleasure to deal with with; he was v focused and efficient; he kept me informed on a timely basis of the developments of my case; he gave me realistic options and most importantly he got results! I would recommend him to anyone.
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Bob was extremely professional, well versed in the law, and always very well prepared. I loved the fact that he thought that a best defense was a good offense. Because he outsmarted the other attorney, I won my case!
Bradley Sandler
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Robert is the best in his field. An expert and specialist with the highest degree of integrity and quality representation. Simply the best.
Adam Snyder
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Not only does Robert possess expansive legal knowledge, but he is also an aggressive and efficient litigator. Robert takes on defendants of any size, even some of America’s largest corporations, because achieving justice for victims is his first priority. I strongly endorse him.
David Gittelman
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Bob is a hard-working, talented attorney who is an aggressive advocate for his clients. His knowledge and experience in handling securities litigation and arbitration are an invaluable asset in these matters.
Damon Juha
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Bob and I worked together for many years. He is responsive, fair and knowledgeable. I have no hesitations in recommending Bob.
David Gittelman
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I have known Omar for almost two years. During that time, I have found him to be hardworking, tenacious, and truly dedicated to his profession and his clients. I fully endorse Omar.
Steve Sitkoff
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Omar is not only a terrific lawyer, he is also a terrific person. He guides his clients with great care through many difficult situations. I highly recommend Omar.