Girard Bengali, APC Currently Investigating Claims Against Emerson Equity, LLC

This post is written on behalf of Girard Bengali, APC.

Girard Bengali, APC Currently Investigating Claims Against Emerson Equity, LLC

Did you lose money after investing in L Bonds issued by GWG Holdings, Inc.? Girard Bengali, APC is now investigating claims against Emerson Equity, LLC and its representatives related to the sale of L Bonds from GWG. If you are concerned about your investment in GWG Holdings’ L Bonds, Girard Bengali can help you reclaim any potential losses.

GWG Holdings Inc. is a publicly traded financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas, that sold life insurance bonds and is a leading provider of liquidity solutions unrelated to trading markets.

GWG Holdings is the issuer of the L Bond, a high-yield bond that has had sales suspended since January 10, 2022. L Bonds are unrated life insurance bonds that typically fund secondary-market life insurance contract purchases. They are a risky, speculative investment.

Emerson Equity and its representatives allegedly advertised these L Bonds as safe and secure bonds paying 5% interest and which were suitable for conservative investors and retirees. Since L bonds carry significant risks, they are not suitable for all investors. Allegedly, Emerson Equity, LLC and its representatives recommended GWG Holdings L Bonds to investors. Some may have had low-risk tolerances, conservative investment objectives, or liquidity needs. Misrepresentation of the safety of L Bonds, or failure to consider an investor’s suitability profile when recommending or selling those products, can amount to negligence, a breach of fiduciary duty, and other sales practice violations.

Due to factors including a pending default on principal and interest payments due on L Bonds by GWG, investors in these products may have to wait weeks or months before they learn if they can recoup any of that investment. Moreover, GWG Holdings has ceased issuing new L Bonds which monies it relied upon to meet the obligations of its other outstanding bonds, leading to concerns of a collapse of GWG as a whole for failure to meet its obligations.

If you invested in GWG Holdings Inc. L Bonds at the recommendation of Emerson Equity, LLC, or any other investment advisor, contact Girard Bengali, APC today to find out if you can file a lawsuit to recover your losses.

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