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Lawsuit alleges discrimination at litigation support firm

Women in professional positions in California continue to experience pregnancy discrimination despite their achievements on the job. One former account representative has filed suit against a litigation services company, alleging that she was terminated from her job only 10 days before her C-section was scheduled. She is accusing the company of gender discrimination and retaliation in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She says that soon after she announced her pregnancy at work, she was targeted for different treatment than her co-workers.

According to her lawsuit, she was put on a performance plan for failing to meet a sales quota one month after she notified the firm of her pregnancy. She also says that men and non-pregnant women were not penalized or placed on performance plans for missing sales goals. In addition, she says that other employees were "gifted" accounts to help them make their numbers, but she was denied assistance from management despite requests for help. She also reported the disparate treatment to management. However, rather than addressing the issue, she says that her manager accused her of being lazy.

She says that she was first asked to resign and then fired only 10 days before her birth was scheduled. The complaint notes that she believes that she met her sales goal in the last month of her performance plan but was still terminated.

Pregnant women can experience specific types of mistreatment and discrimination on the job, often based on sexist beliefs about motherhood and work. Women who have dedicated their lives to career achievement may find themselves fighting back against lost promotions and raises or even termination. People who have experienced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can consult with an attorney for advice about how they can protect their rights and their careers.

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