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March 2019 Archives

Robert J. Girard II to present at PIABA mid-year meeting

A founding partner of Los Angeles, California-based Girard Bengali, APC, Robert J. Girard II has 18 years of experience practicing in the area of complex securities litigation. As a result of his background, he has been asked to deliver a presentation at an upcoming conference sponsored by the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association, which is to take place on April 4 in Washington, D.C.

Elements of an insurance bad faith claim

Insurance companies have an obligation to their clients, whether it is to pay the insurance holder's legitimate claim or to investigate and process a claim within a reasonable time period. This is because they often have more resources than the policyholder-they have more financial resources, greater negotiating power and more expertise. These same factors also put the company in the driving seat, which is why courts often find that companies should proceed with an obligation of good faith and fair dealing.

Is your investment a risk or a scam?

You could have put your money into a savings account and earned a fraction of a percent. However, you had time to be bolder, and you decided to look into investing for your future. The trade-off for a high yield is risking that your investment will not succeed. Perhaps you did research on the kinds of investments you wanted to try, but you likely depended on your brokerage firm to ensure you were taking prudent steps and not heading toward disaster.

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